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Sailing trip 2024

Norway - Netherlands




Sailing trip Farsund - Scheveningen

14 days sailing trip from the Netherlands to Norway
Saturday July 13 til Friday July 26 
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Saturday July 13, 2024 we will sail from Farsund/Norway to Scheveningen/Netherlands.


Although the wind is decisive, we will most likely visit various Danish coastal towns, such as Thyborøn, Hvide Sande or Esbjerg. We then descend further south into the German Bight. Helgoland will definitely be one of the islands we will visit. After Heligoland we continue southwest and visit Norderney. From here we go to the Dutch coast and we will visit Terschelling and/or Texel.


For a trip that normally takes 5 days under ideal conditions, we have 14 days for this tripplanned. More than enough time to moor at the nicest places.






In the North Sea about 70 km from the coast of Germany you will find the beautiful island of Helgoland. The island has a coastline with high cliffs that are reminiscent of the famous chalk cliffs of Dover. However, the rocks of Heligoland consist of red sandstone.




On the island you will see many birds and seals. Most of the island is 60 meters above sea level. Near the harbor is the village of Heligoland with approximately 1300 inhabitants.



Preparation and involvement

You don't need to have any knowledge of sailing or navigation to come along. All you need is a positive attitude and the willingness to roll up your sleeves.

Preparation en 


You will learn how to rig a sailing ship and the basic principles of navigation. In preparation you will meet the other sailors and receive a thorough briefing about the ship and the trip.

Information sailing trip
Farsund - Scheveningen 2024

It's a sailing trip with friends and everyone makes a contribution to share the costs. Below you will find the contributions for the tour.

Board fee 14 day sailing trip Norway - Netherlands: 2100,00 euros p.p.

Departure: Farsund, boarding on Saturday, July 13 from 4 p.m

ETA:          Scheveningen Friday July 26 August

The sailing trip includes:

  • All overnight stays including bed linen 

  • All costs for the preparations

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner (food and drinks on shore for own use account)

  • Water and electricity  

  • Port fees and taxes

  • Coffee and tea

  • Small refreshments


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Michel van 't Zand 

Mobile: +31615017066 


Promotional film: TX-51 Norway 2023 

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